James P DeVellis IT Specialist at Your Service

James P DeVellis has always had a knack for problem solving. He likes the challenge of finding solutions to problems by way of “treading on the unbeaten path.” He particularly loves finding solutions to technical issues, i.e. computer problems, when he was younger. And whenever tech issues arise, James P DeVellis doesn’t just look at the obvious solutions because he knows that sometimes, the real long-term solutions are buried beneath the surface.

And then, James P DeVellis got into IT.

If there’s one thing that he knows like the back of his hand, it’s IT landscape. While James P DeVellis did go to university for his formal education, he admits that a lot of what he knows about IT now was either self-taught or acquired from working closely with other IT specialists during his early years in the field. He fully acknowledges the help and tutoring he received from his mentors, saying that if it weren’t for them, it would have probably taken him longer to get to where he is today: a leader in his field often ‘courted’ by large IT companies to join them.

At this point in his career, he doesn’t look for jobs or employers anymore, the tables have been turned; it is the employers who seek his expertise now. This brings us to why James P DeVellis created this website. He wants to pay it forward somehow, and the best way he knows how is to share his knowledge and expertise in IT to anyone who needs help.

James P DeVellis often gets asked by friends and family for assistance with their tech issues, from basic troubleshooting techniques to larger issues that require elaborate and detailed work. And although he’d like to help as often as he can, his day-to-day schedule is full most of the time. With this website, help is always available to anyone who needs it 24/7.

With that said, readers can expect basic information about tech issues, from what could have caused them to troubleshooting tips. In here, you can find solutions to various tech problems. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, no need to panic. James P DeVellis invites you to relate to him the exact tech issue you’re dealing with, and he will help you figure it out.

If you happen to catch him online at the same time that you are, he might be able to walk you through the whole process, step by step, in real time.

Whether it’s a computer crash, a slow-running desktop, virus infection, or other hardware or software issues, James P DeVellis will be providing basic troubleshooting tips to solve these problems. Whatever tech issue you’re dealing with, DO NOT PANIC. There is a solution to your problem.

For questions, comments, or inquiries, please feel free to contact James P DeVellis at your convenience. You may leave him a message directly through this site. You can rest assured that he will get back to you promptly.

You are encouraged to visit the rest of the website to read his latest updates.