About James P DeVellis

When James P DeVellis was younger he had no clue what he wanted to be when he grew up. What he did know was that he liked troubleshooting and he liked helping people. Later in his teen years, he discovered that he had a knack for troubleshooting computer problems. As a teenager, James P DeVellis, spent most of his time in front of his computer playing Command & Conquer and Counter-Strike. He found out, which was no surprise to him that the computer can only take so much “gaming abuse.” And so, during his teenage years, James P DeVellis, learned how to troubleshoot his PC. What teenage boy would want his games interrupted by an uncooperative PC, right?

James would also go over to his friends’ houses to troubleshoot their own PC problems. And from that time on, he became his friends’ go-to ‘expert’. College was no different. James P DeVellis instantly became the IT expert in his dorm. Students would often knock on his door to ask; “Are you the IT guy?” before proceeding to ask for his help about their tech issues.

From these little incidents, James realized that life has an uncanny way of directing your path. As a young boy, getting into IT was something he never could have imagined for himself. All James P DeVellis knew was that he liked helping people; his friends and family mostly when he was younger, which led him to believe that he might go into social work or something similar when he grows up. But, like he said, life has a way of directing your path. And here he is today, a successful IT expert considered by many in his field as one of the best.

For James, helping people resolve their tech issues is not a big deal. If it is in his capacity to help, he wouldn’t think twice about doing it. But for the people that James P DeVellis has helped, he is a ‘godsend’ because his help often saved them hundreds of dollars in repairs.

James’ primary reason for creating this tech-help site is to reach a wider audience; to extend help to as many people as he possibly can. He may not have gotten into social work or any other related field like he thought he would when he was younger, but he hopes that in his own way, he is able to enhance other people’s lives with the help that he provides.

With that said, this site is open to all readers from across the globe. If you are experiencing tech-related issues, you are more than welcome to send in your questions or concerns to James P DeVellis. He’d be more than happy to help any way he can!

For the time being, you may get in touch with him directly through this site.

James P DeVellis also invites you to check out the rest of the website to read his latest posts. The solution to your tech issues may already be here!