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James P DeVellis understands the frustration that you feel every time you come across computer glitches, crashes, and other tech-related issues. As an IT specialist, he has had to deal with the same problems (and more!) daily. James P DeVellis also knows how difficult it is sometimes to find the exact solution that you need on the internet. Hence, this News page. James will deliver to you the latest news in information and technology in this page. He will also be providing you with external resources that you can check out for various tech-related issues, especially computer hardware and software issues, malware and viruses that hi-jack computers, registry repair programs, and other relevant resources.

A lot of James P DeVellis’ knowledge on IT troubleshooting, he learned on his own. It’s empowering to know that whatever tech problems you’re dealt with, you have it in you to fix it. This is also why James created this website. He wants everyone to learn how to become their own IT guy. Who knows? This might pave the way for your career in IT, once you’ve acquired enough knowledge and skills.

One of the things that James P DeVellis always tells his friends and family is to check tech forums online. These are a treasure trove of tech information and support! His favorite so far, and one he finds truly helpful, is the tech support forum on Reddit. From graphical glitches to recovering important files, OS issues (it seems Windows 10 is the most common OS a lot of people are having multiple issues with these days), missing drivers and more, Reddit’s tech support forum has been covering a wide range of tech topics since it began.

James P DeVellis suggests that you check out Reddit’s tech support knowledge base for a variety of helpful articles as well.

On the other hand, if what you need is more information on the latest gadgets and tools, computers, mobile apps, phones, and wearable gadgets, James P DeVellis recommends that you visit Tech News World. This is a good place to find all the necessary information that you need. It also features reviews from tech experts that can help you decide if a gadget or computer is right for you. For James P DeVellis, it’s best to read the reviews first before you make a purchase to ensure that you’re not spending hundreds of dollars on an item that does not deliver what it’s specs promised.

You might also be interested in Gadgets Now, and The Verge. Of course it goes without saying that the first website that you should always visit is the site of your gadget’s manufacturer. If you are having issues with your gadget, their tech support team is the best people to approach as they know your gadget inside and out (or at least they should know about it).

If there are any news items that you wish to be updated on, please feel free to let James P DeVellis know. Rest assured he will provide you with the update as soon as it becomes available.