Troubleshooting Tech Problems

James P DeVellis Asks: Are You Afraid of Technology?

As an IT specialist, James P DeVellis has had to deal with various tech-related issues; from server outages to computer crashes and everything in between. Being in IT specialist his whole life, James P DeVellis has acquired the skills, knowledge and expertise for troubleshooting tech issues at the workplace and at home (mostly homes of his family and friends).

One of the most common and immediate reactions that James P DeVellis has seen in people dealing with tech problems is to panic. This is quite understandable actually, especially when work and operations are affected, but panicking will only serve to stress you out, and perhaps even affect your rational thinking.

For James P DeVellis, technology isn’t something to be afraid of, whether you’re dealing with the dreaded Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) or adopting new technology for work, play or entertainment. Remember that with any tech problem, a solution is more easily found when you approach it with rational thinking. Look at the problem and dissect it bit by bit. Which processes involved in this technology are you having issues with? For instance, hardware or software issues could cause a BSOD. Checking the functions of each component is a good way to start isolating the issue. When you’ve figured out what the exact issue is, you can then begin to look for solutions. With a panicked mindset, you might not be able to see the actual problem; and in your haste to resolve the issue, you might just do more damage.

James P DeVellis also reminds everyone that asking for help is nothing to be embarrassed about. Check out tech forums, seek the assistance of the hardware, software or equipment manufacturer or supplier, or ask your IT specialist at work for help. You might be surprised to find out how generous some tech specialists are when it comes to giving help and advice. Some users who had the same issues are also quick to share their own experiences, and the solutions that they tried (and worked).

Before you take your computer to the shop or before you seek the help of others, James P DeVellis recommends that you perform your own troubleshooting first. This is one of the best ways to learn more about technology. Learning how to troubleshoot means resolving the issue as quickly and as efficiently as possible; saving you precious time and money.

When James P DeVellis was still in the early years of his IT career, he had to learn troubleshooting techniques on his own, and this helped him build a career in IT. ‘Do not fear technology;” is what James P DeVellis would often say to his friends, family, and colleagues. The first step in dealing with tech problems is to not be intimidated by it. Technology is mad-made, and if others can figure it out, who’s to say you can’t?

If you need help with tech-related issues, please feel free to leave James a message. Rest assured he will get back to you promptly.