James P DeVellis | Why You Should Be Excited About Augmented Reality


James P DeVellis: Why Augmented Reality Will Play a Huge Role in Your Life Soon

James P DeVellis is an IT professional who is going into tech blogging for the first time. He has worked with some of the largest IT companies in the U.S. and is looking forward to new, emerging technologies that have the potential to solve many real-life problems. Among these are wearables, the Internet of Things, and virtual reality. Today, he discusses how augmented reality can change the way things are done in several industries.

In simple terms, augmented reality is a technology that tacks on a computer-generated image on user’s view on the world, whether this is through a smartphone or virtual reality goggles. If you have ever played Pokemon Go and have successfully caught a Pokemon, you have already experienced augmented reality. However, the applications of AR go far beyond entertainment. James P DeVellis believes that AR technology is already making an impact on several industries, and can disrupt others in the near future.

Sports. If you have ever watched a football game and saw one of those yellow lines indicating a first down, you’ve already seen one of the first applications of augmented reality. However, the applications of AR could extend to other sports. Soccer broadcasters are already using AR-generated lines to see if a pass is ruled offside. The potential applications of AR in sports are countless.

Museums. James P DeVellis believes AR technology could be used to superimpose data on the exhibits to help the viewer appreciate it more. The overlaid information could include facts and figures, such as the date of composition, a short biography of the artist, and possibly commentary from a respected art critic. Augmented reality won’t replace museum guides or docents any time soon; in fact, they will make guides’ jobs easier.

Navigation. There are smartphone apps available that can use your phone’s GPS location feature to retrieve location-specific data and display it on your screen. For instance, if your camera captures a well-known landmark, these apps can display a short background on the landmark and suggest other places to visit, such as nearby restaurants. AR can also help first-time visitors go around unfamiliar places, James P DeVellis says.

Advertising. The same apps described above can also be used to display directions to popular places, such as restaurants, movie houses, or malls. A restaurant that has its sign obscured can benefit from getting its name on an augmented reality application. These could be used to advertise events that will take place in the said location, such as concerts, sales, or promotions.

Military. Soldiers fitted with augmented reality goggles are able to see critical data without taking their eyes off their targets. This data can include the positions of both friendly and opposing forces, the troop strength of both, and others. James P DeVellis has also seen this technology in fighter jets, where pilots use a Heads-Up Display to see information such as plane altitude, speed, and the horizon line, as well as the location of enemy planes. Because of this technology, the pilot no longer has to look down at his instruments.


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